Kentucky Security License

Kentucky Security License

A Kentucky security guard license is a guarantee for legal practice. So, individuals must comply with some standards. They vary per city. The reason for this is that the state, like Colorado, prefers licensing at the local level.

To know more details about the procedure, keep reading.

General Requirements

Even though each body regulates licensure differently, there are some common points. They indicate what a person should do or be. Hereunder, you can see a few of them.

  • Being at least 18 years old (or 21 for a weapon permit)
  • Holding a high school diploma (or its equivalent)
  • Being of good moral character, as well as shape
  • Having rightful past

What comes to other requirements, you will see them below.

Enroll in an Approved Program

All candidates are required to complete accredited training. It is for both physical and intellectual preparation. In other words, the classes represent a mix of the two. They touch on the use of force and industry history. Not to forget about seizure laws and communication skills.

As for armed cops, they ought to further their studies. That is to say, engage in firearms training. The latter is necessary for a weapon permit.

There are several providers of public safety education programs. The crucial part is selecting an acceptable one.

Pass a Background Screening

Officers are expected to provide their fingerprints. The reason for this is to obtain info about unlawful acts. They may also examine the driving record. Not having violations is vital.

A drug test does not stay apart. It particularly applies to hiring agency demands. In addition, they recruit individuals with no addictions. Drug-related crimes (for example, distribution) are on the list, too.

In case you have a misdemeanor or conviction, it must be at least two years old. Serious deeds claim more time.
The service charges fluctuate. The investigating company decides the amount of money.

File an Application

Now the time has arrived to conclude the deal. In other words, you should complete an application form. Sign the paper and attach the background check records. Lastly, pay the fee of $25.

Also, do not forget to forward 2 passport-style photos. Operator documents are essential, as well. They are to show that a person can legally operate a vehicle.

For more information, check with the Clerk’s Office. They will deliver more precise and relevant information.


The authorization is subject to refreshing. Hence, you should renew it before it expires. To do so, send a request. Include your name, surname, and address. Also, answer the given questions. Finally, link the required paperwork and pay the costs.

Other Certifications

Sometimes third parties have the right to authorize applicants. For instance, private organizations take up this role. In general, it depends on the employer whether to accept it or not.

Note that the aforementioned permissions do not demonstrate legality. To clarify, they only show proof of competency. Thus, you have to consider proper licensing if you want to work in state institutions.

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